5 Brand Personalities: Do  you have one?

  • By Samantha Turberville
  • 05 Jul, 2017

Do your customer's know 'who' you are? 

Many customers aren’t just responding to your pricing or to your product offering; they’re also responding to your business’s personality. Brand personalities are embodied in the way a brand speaks and behaves, and those personalities resonate with people. Not only do they make the brand easier to identify, but they also encourage customer loyalty. The goal of creating a brand personality is turning a company into something that people can relate to.

So, what is your brand’s personality?

The Enthusiast
The enthusiast shows off their energy with a carefree, spirited and youthful attitude. These brands are more likely to be colorful, whimsical, and cheerful, and that upbeat attitude is what connects them to their customers. The challenge with being an enthusiast, though, is that you have to make that enthusiasm sound and feel genuine.

The Counselor
If your business is focused on sincerity, kindness, and thoughtfulness, you might be a counselor. This brand personality is a quieter one—especially when compared with the enthusiast—but still seeks to make customers comfortable and well-cared-for. One disadvantage of this personality type is that it is often seen as feminine and can alienate men, so it’s important to find a balance that suits your customer base.

The Outdoorsman
Outdoorsman brands tend to be seen as rough, tough, outdoorsy and athletic. They also tend to be focused more on nuts-and-bolts solutions. The outdoorsman might also appeal to customers who are looking for eco-friendly options for their orders. Because it is so aligned with traditionally masculine traits, the outdoorsman can alienate women in the same way that the counselor can alienate men, so it’s important to check regularly to ensure that your brand is connecting to the audience you want.

The Leader
At the heart of the leader’s personality is competence. That competence highlights that the business is successful, accomplished and influential, often with company leadership providing a “face” for the company as a whole. Companies with leader personalities are often at the forefront of new technology, but their reliance on leadership can make it a challenge to change that face of the company.

The Sophisticate
Sophistication can be a great way to reach out to high end customers with elegant products. In the print world, the sophisticate will connect well with customers who want the finer things in print—embossing, foil stamping, and engraving especially. One challenge that sophisticate brands face, though, is that their focus on elegance and prestige can come across as pretentious. That might alienate customers and can limit your potential customer base.

Does your brand have one of these personalities? Do you combine two of them? Or have you not thought about your brand’s personality before? We’d love to continue the conversation with you in the comments below.

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A 30 Second Ride. Eight Seconds to Impress.

By Samantha Turberville 01 Nov, 2017

Polish and Professionalism

The best way for restaurants to start establishing their style is with signage, wall art, and other décor pieces that bring their unique look to the walls. Full color signage is an especially stylish way to add ambiance to spaces indoors or out. If you want to get more creative, full color fabric decals give you the look of a painted mural with decals that are easy to position and reposition whenever and wherever you need them.

 Signage can also be mobile when you head to an event for catering. Table tents and pedestal signs are a great addition to a table for a buffet-style catered meal. Not only do they identify menu items at a glance, they make the catering setup look polished. Table tents are also great for reserving tables in the restaurant and at off-site events alike.

 The walls aren’t the only way to bring your brand to every customer interaction, though. Personalized name badges are easy to coordinate with your signage, and it makes every employee look a little bit more professional.

Classic Print for a Great First Impression

Whether your restaurant is a small business or a national chain, classic business identity products are a great addition to your print order. This is especially true if you offer catering services, because business cards can create a great first impression for your clients and marketing materials like sales sheets and brochures can help you show off the catering services you offer with full color photographs. Traditional print options also give you solutions for billing envelopes and forms for food delivery or catering, folders for presenting catering options in one concise package, and much more.

Promote New Products

If you’re looking for a way to promote new menu items, print is a great way to do just that. Badge talkers are another creative way to promote new menu items with every customer interaction because they add promotional space to the name badges that you’re employees are already wearing.

Other great options for showing off new products include posters that can be displayed in the restaurant or banners that can be displayed indoors or out.

Take it Out or Take it Home

Are you looking for a way to make their business’s food as appealing at home as it is in the restaurant? Sales sheets also make excellent take-home menus because they are lightweight and feature full color print that is ideal for showing off photographs of menu items that will get diners excited about the meal before they even step through the door.

If you offer carry-out menu options, you can also use print to add polish to those meals. Whether you want personalized labels to seal carry out bags or printed packaging, print pieces can add another touch of style to the food they bring back to their table at home.

Giving the Gift of a Great Meal

Gift cards and gift certificates are a common purchase at restaurants large and small, and personalized print can give these purchases a little extra style before they’re given as gifts. Printed card folders are a great addition to a gift card, and they can be printed with your brand, with a series of vibrant birthday-themed designs, or with special seasonal designs for holidays.

What about you? What great print products are “on the menu” for you?  Let us know in the comments below. 

By Samantha Turberville 24 Oct, 2017

Polished, branded envelopes and letterhead are an essential way to add your brand to every mailing. And, as our featured products for October, stationary sets, for a limited time, are 15% off , making this the perfect time for you to stock up on the letterhead and envelopes that add impact to every mailing.

Why Coordinate?
The first reason you probably think of for buying letterhead and envelopes together is to create a complete stationery suite, and that’s a great place to start. Stationery envelopes are meant to coordinate with your letterhead order, which means that your can easily match the stock and print to create a stationery look with the utmost professionalism.

And coordinating stationery pieces does create a more professional look. It will make your messaging look put-together, and that can help consumers see you as more professional.

Beyond Stationery
Envelopes aren’t just the finishing touch for your stationery suite, though. They can also bring your brand to every mailing you send out. Stationery envelopes are just one part of a complete coordinated print set for your business, and bringing it all together can help you look as professional as possible to consumers.

Business envelopes printed with your logo are a great way to bring your brand to everyday mailings like invoices and account statements even before the envelope is opened. Even better, consumers will know exactly who sent their mail, so they’ll know at a glance who the mailing is from. This makes invoices and account statements more noticeable.

And if you have a larger mailing to send out, envelopes can bring your brand to catalogs, large booklets, paperwork packets, and more. Not only are these pieces branded, but they can also help protect these larger pieces better than sending them as a self-mailer will.

15% OFF Limited Time Offer
For a limited time, when you order letterhead and envelopes together, you'll save 15%. This special offer is available for any envelope purchase, which means that you’ll save whether you are ordering stationery envelopes for polished business communications, business envelopes for everyday mailings like invoices, or catalogs. However, this special offer will only be around from October 1st to November 30th, 2017 so place your order soon to save.

Which are your favorite envelopes? Leave us a comment below to tell us more about how you use envelopes in your business.

By Samantha Turberville 17 Oct, 2017

Talking the talk can help you navigate working with graphic designers, both communicating the specific details needed for your chosen print products and understanding any questions or concerns.  Communication, after all, is THE most important attribute on order to have a successful campaign. 

Let the lessons being... (there may or may not be a test afterwards).


Here are some essential graphic design terms you should know if you want to talk the talk.

White Space—The area left empty on the page. White space is used to emphasize the other elements in the page.

Typography—The art of arranging type elements in attractive ways.

Gradient—Fading from one color to another.

Margin—The space surrounding the content on the page. Margins are generally on the edges of the page and in between columns of copy and images.

Padding—The space between a border and the object inside of it.

Bleed—When the design extends past the cut line at the edge of the page so that it extends to the very edge of the finished, cut product.

Kerning—Adjusting the space between characters in a word (making the letters closer together or further apart).

CMYK—Standing for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black), CMYK is the color format used for most printed pieces.

RGB—Standing for Red, Green, Blue, RGB is the color format used for computer images and the sublimation print process.

DPI— DPI stands for dots per inch. A higher DPI is better because it creates a clearer image.

Crop marks—The marks on the outside of the printed piece, used as guides for cutting the piece down to the final size.

Pixel—The smallest element of an image. Images are comprised of many minuscule pixels.

Raster image—An image made up of individual pixels. Altering the dimensions of a raster image may result in a blurry image since you’re simply shrinking or stretching the pixels themselves. Raster image file extensions include .JPEG, .GIF and .BMP.

Sans serif—A style of typeface in which there are no small lines at the end of the lines that make up each character. Common sans serif typefaces include Arial, Helvetica, AvantGarde and Verdana.

Vector graphic—An image made up of paths and curves (vectors) rather than a grid of pixels. Unlike raster images, these are able to be enlarged without losing image quality. Vector graphic file extensions include .EPS, .AI, .SVG and .DRW.

Are there any terms that have been said to you  that made you think - what the heck does that mean?  Don't be shy, you can ask in the comments below. I mean, I'm a designer and I'm still learning new terms and processes.  That's the beauty of running a small business. 

By Samantha Turberville 25 Sep, 2017

That’s why we’ve brought together the good, the better, and the best of announcements. Of course, there’s not just one fit for you, and the print processes or products we name here might not be “best” for you, so we’d love to hear your recommendations for the best announcements, too.

Do You Want Your Announcement to be Playful or Creative?
For fun, energetic events, a colorful announcement can set the tone from the moment guests open the envelope. Whether you're looking to set a playful tone, want to appeal to a child-friendly audience, or simply want to show off a photograph for the occasion, getting colorful can be a fun option for your announcement order.

Good: Full Color Print
Full color print is a great process for a wide variety of designs. With full color print, you can show off employee photos for a more personal holiday greeting, colorful designs, and more.

Better: Color Core Stock
Color core stock allows you to get even more colorful with your announcement design. Not only will your design be printed in full color, but the added dimension of the colored stock core brings vibrant color to every side.

Do You Want Print With Dimension?
Depth can add a special touch to your announcements. That depth can add texture to holiday designs, create an appealing texture that recipients can touch and feel, or reinforce other print processes.

Good: Raised Print Thermography
Choosing raised print adds instant depth to your printed image, especially if it uses dark colors with heavier ink coverage. Thermographic powder creates a raised image alongside spot color or full color print. This can add texture to your image, making it pop.

Best: Embossing
When you want a three dimensional look, embossing is one of the best ways to achieve that, because this process presses a dimensional shape directly into the paper. Embossing can be paired with ink or foil, or used on its own for a minimalist design.

Want to Create an Elegant Announcement?
Whether you are hosting a gala or want to add an additional touch of class and quality to your holiday greetings, the right print choices can bring that elegance to your print order.

Good: Embossed Panels
Are you looking for a way to add just a little depth to your announcements? Embossed panels create a subtle border with elegance.

Better: Foil Stamping
Foil stamping is a classic way to add elegance and high-end appeal to you announcements. It can be used on its own for an impactful design or paired with ink printing to emphasize one part of the design.

Best: Foil Embossing
With depth, shining foil, and a minimalist style, foil embossing brings together the elegance of both embossing and foil stamping into one stylish print process.

'Tis the Season!  Are you ready?   

Contact us today at hello@advertisebydesign.net to start your announcement design for this years Holiday events.

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