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Create custom experiences with dynamic website personalization

47-Point Homepage Checklist

What would it be like to get three times the amount of leads you currently get now?  Websites are living breathing things which need to be nourished constantly or they die.  So download the 47-Point Homepage Checklist and schedule a regular time each week to start implementing these changes today, and start seeing results as soon as tomorrow.

Take action now.  Attract, connect and convert more visitors into buyers with the ultimate checklist.  Put your website sales into overdrive and double your leads in 7 days or less. 

Dynamic Website Personalization

Traditionally, dynamic website personalization has been reserved for giant companies with huge budgets and vast resources, but no longer. Adding dynamic website personalization to your website sets your business apart from the local competition and gives you an edge when potential customers are searching for a service like yours.

Download this informative ebook on how businesses that leverage personalized content on their website average a 19% increase in sales.
Create custom experiences with dynamic website personalization

5 Easy Steps to an Outstanding Website
that your Visitors will LOVE!

In this e-book we will show you 5 easy steps to generating an outstanding website that your visitors will fall-in-love with.

Your standard, successful website is made from a blend of beautiful design, clearly written content and a well-thought-out conversion funnel. And all of that’s great, but who wants to just be ‘standard,’ when you can be so much more? To maximize your website’s potential as a customer-conversion machine, you need to create a visitor experience that is highly engaging and speaks directly to your potential customers’ needs.

Learn How Your Business 
Can Move Forward with Mobile

Mobile matters to Google now more than ever.

For the first time, the Google is looking at more than simply relevant content. The search-engine-in-chief is now also looking at how good of a user experience your site is providing to visitors and using this as a ranking factor.    

Download this informative ebook and learn why 36% of users will go to a competitor if they can't call your business directly from search results.

Learn how your business can move forward with mobile

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Responsive Website Tutorials 

Need some help uploading photos or using the personalization tool in your Responsive Website Editor? 
 Watch how-to videos below on these topics and so much more.  Or you can visit here for helpful step-by-step articles. 
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Responsive Websites 101

Learn the basics of editing and customizing responsive websites for tablet, web, and mobile with your responsive website editor.

Working with Images

This video is a full explanation of how to customize your site by uploading, adding, and editing images in your Editor.

Add Push Notifications

Learn the option to communicate with your community in real time with push notifications, now available for Chrome visitors on web and Android. 

Add Business Hours

Keep everyone on schedule with our business hours element. This video is a walk through of adding and customizing business hours on a responsive website.

Social Icons Overview

Pump up engagement and conversions by learning how to add social media icons, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to responsive websites.

Add Facebook Like Button

Add a Facebook like button to your responsive website.

Add Click-to-Call Button

How to add and customize a click-to-call button on your responsive website.

Manage Pages

Learn how to add, remove, and import pages to add content.

Updating Website Text

The basics of creating a customized website: Showing you how to add and edit text in your Editor.

Add a Blog

Are you a blogger? Great. This video will help you set up your blog solution.

Add Coupons

Get excited about coupons! Learn how to add, customize, and optimize coupons within your responsive website.

Add Maps

Add and work with maps on your  responsive website.

Add Facebook Albums

Add photo albums from Facebook to your responsive website.

Add Facebook Comments

Boost your  engagement by learning how to add Facebook comments to your responsive website.

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